Burger King Specials

If you like fast food chances are that you will love Burger King. At this fast food restaurant you can get great tasting food for a great value price. To sweeten the deal, there are many Burger King specials and value menu options that can help you to save money.

What is Burger King?

Burger King is a popular fast food restaurant that has been around for many years with many different locations. The menu offer flame broiled hamburgers, chicken and even fish. They also have fries, anvarious other menu options. If you want breakfast they offer a broad variety of breakfast foods. Desserts can also be found at this restaurant. Desserts include things like pies and milkshakes. Many people choose this restaurant for their great prices and the ability to just drive thru and order their food. At this fast food restaurant you also have the choice to come in and sit down at tables or a booth.

Burger King Specials

Burger King will always have some kind of special going on. These specials will vary by store but all stores will carry specials and promotions. Here are a few things that you may see in various restaurants.

  • Free coffee. Free coffee with the purchase of a breakfast sandwich at participating locations.
  • $1 rodeo sandwich, at participating stores.
  • Kids Birthday. On your child’s birthday they can get a free kids meal if signed up for the Burger King Kid’s club.
  • $1 french toast sticks.
  • $1 hash browns.
  • $1 BBQ rib sandwich.
  • 2 for $5 mix and match sandwiches. Mix and match BK chicken, BK fish or the Big King.
  • Coupons. Watch your local newspaper for free coupons to help you save even more money.
  • Email club. Sign up for the Burger King club right at the website to help you get information on the latest deals, and promotions.
  • Social Media. Many restaurants even fast food are turning to social media to help promote their promotions so make sure that you check out Burger King specials through social media for even more savings.

Burger King Locations

If you do not know where the Burger King is at in your location you can look in your local phone book or you can look online. If you cannot find the listing online stop by the Burger King website. There you can find out the location as well as sign up for Burger King specials. Be sure to save the address so that you have it in case you need it for the future.

If you like to eat fast food and you want a broad selection you should definitely consider going to the restaurant. There you can find a great selection of Burger King specials as well as deals. You will not have to break the bank with expensive dining. You can order what you want and even get it the way you want it. Be sure to check out Burger King today and don’t forget to take a look at their specials before you order so you will save even more money.


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