KFC Specials


If you love fried chicken, KFC is definitely the restaurant for you. With great prices and great specials you are sure to find something that you will love and something that you can afford. KFC has been around for many years with many satisfied customers throughout the years.

What is KFC?

KFC also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is a great restaurant that offers fried chicken and various other menu items. KFC is known for its original recipe and the extra crispy fried chicken. If you have a family you can find an affordable meal at KFC for your entire family. If you want something simple instead of a whole meal, KFC offers sandwiches, salads, and even mini meals that are affordable and great to fill you up.

KFC Specials

There are a broad variety of KFC specials available at any given time. If you look in your local paper or in your mailbox chances are you will be given coupons for various deals for items on the menu. They also offer in store specials as well as online specials. Here are the current KFC specials.

  • 2 pc extra crispy boneless combo. 2 pieces of boneless chicken, extra crispy, 1 individual side, 1 biscuit and a medium drink for $4.99.
  • $2.49 Go Cup. A Go Cup filled with 1 piece of extra crispy boneless chicken and potato wedges.
  • 10 pc favorites bucket. Any type of chicken including boneless, for only $12.99.
  • Facebook. Follow on Facebook for more coupons and the first news on any new KFC specials.
  • YouTube. Follow on YouTube for any new KFC specials that might come out.
  • Website. Add the KFC website to your favorites so you can stay up to date on any coupons and deals that may start.

 KFC Locations

KFC’s can be found in most locations. To find a KFC in your local area you can look in your local phone book or you can look online. Simply go to a search engine and type in your town and KFC. You should have several results in and around your area. Choose the one closest to you or closest to where you will be. If you have no luck or want to make sure you find the closest KFC you can always go onto the local KFC restaurant. There you will find the locator button that will show you where all the KFC’s are in your state or local area. You will be given directions and even a phone number to make sure that you are able to find KFC.

Getting great fried chicken is easy with a KFC. If you prefer healthier menu options, lately KFC has taken an interest in offering healthier items. These items included grilled chicken instead of fried and salads instead of sides. You can look online or at their menu to see what they have to offer. With great food, great prices, and great KFC specials you will have no trouble purchasing a meal that you will love and if you have a family you will save money and get a meal that everyone in your house will enjoy.

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